The Planetary Dance

Held on different dates every year.

The Planetary Dance begins at sunrise and the celebration continues all day. The Planetary Dance invokes the spirits of the Earth and all its participants in a spring ritual of healing, renewal and the affirmation of life.

The Planetary Dance began as a reclamation of Mount Tamalpais at the time of the Trailside Killer (1981), and it has taken place every year since then as a way to honor this exorcism. The Planetary Dance truly lives up to its name - it is currently celebrated in 37 countries on four continents around the world. At this moment of crisis in the life of the Earth, the Planetary Dance is an opportunity to come together and demonstrate our commitment to the survival of the planet, each other, and all of life.The Earth Run is a moving mandala at the heart of the Planetary Dance. It is a simple circle dance that everyone can do based on walking, running, and standing still in the four directions. Come join in and demonstrate your commitment to the survival of one another, the planet, and all life. People of all ages are welcome. The event takes place on Mount Tamalpais, in Marin County, CA. The day includes a sunrise ceremony at 6:05pm, followed by a walk around the peak of Mt. Tamalpais, a procession from the Rock Springs parking lot to the Madrone Grove, the Earth Run, and then feast and games until sunset.

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