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The Peacedays

One Day in Peace, January 1, 2000,
Global Family Day: One Day of Peace and Sharing
World Day of Peace
January 1

School Day of Non-violence and Peace
Last school day in January

National Make a Friend Day
Feb 11

World Peace and Understanding Day
February 23

International Earth Day
Spring Equinox around March 22

Earth Day
April 22

The Annual Planetary Dance
Different dates every year

A Day of Peace
May 10

Peace Day
May 18

Peace Day
3rd Sunday in May

World Peace and Prayer Day
June 21

Friendship Day
First Sunday in August

International Day of Peace, "Hear The Children Day"
September 21

World Peace Day
November 17

World Peace Day on the Winter Solstice
On the Winter Solstice on or around December 22