A Day of Peace was established by people at grassroots.org and is celebrated anually on May 10

Step One

Say you want peace.

Step Two

Decide what peace is to you.

Step Three

Share your vision of peace with others.

Step Four

Declare A Day of Peace - because YOU decided to do so.

Step Five

Invite others to do the same.

What will the world community accomplish if every person on the planet does the above?

  1. We will know (factually) who wants peace and who does not.

  2. We will know what different people are thinking about what they see peace is. This will tell us what we have in common and what we do not, beginning to engage everyone in a conversation for peace.

  3. Every person who declares A Day of Peace is inviting, on their own behalf, the world community to create A Day of Peace. This shows how powerful an individual is and that what one says really does count, is heard, and makes a difference.

  4. If we all do this we will be in a worldwide conversation for peace. It will be the first time in history that the entire world community aligned and agreed - that we should have A Day of Peace on earth - not for any other reason, but because each of us said so.

  5. Anything can be accomplished in a conversation.

  6. You can make your declaration. Share your vision of peace. View and search visions of peace from around the globe. Discover how you can help spread the word.

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